Experience authentic Vietnamese cuisine at Viva Restaurant

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Welcome to Viva Restaurant – the ideal destination to experience authentic Vietnamese flavors. Here, we are dedicated to serving unique, delicate and traditional dishes to our expatriates.

As you step into the cozy ambiance of Viva Restaurant, you will immediately feel the warmth and friendliness that envelops this place.

Our diverse menu is sure to delight, offering a wide range of options, from beloved classics like pho, banh mi, and family meal to creatively crafted dishes that boast the robust flavors of Vietnam.


At Viva Restaurant, we take pride in using only the freshest and finest ingredients, skillfully combined with our culinary expertise, to ensure you always receive delicious, full-flavoured dishes.

Come and savor the true essence of Vietnam at Viva Restaurant. We are committed to bringing you wonderful food-loving moments, not just meals, but memorable memories.

Viva Restaurant

Hours: Wed-Mon 11:00am-8:45pm

CLOSED Tuesday!

Call us at +1 281-970-2800 for order, delivery, dine-in, or pickup!

10541 FM 1960 Rd W STE 290