Catering service at Viva Restaurant

In the significant moments of one’s life, where emotions overflow and memories are cherished, Viva Catering takes on the responsibility of creating extraordinary experiences, whether it’s a wedding celebration or a special anniversary.

Our Executive Chef and the entire restaurant prepare diligently, starting two to three weeks in advance, sourcing the finest ingredients to craft delicious dishes.

We understand the profound impact that a memorable feast can leave in the hearts of our guests.

Your wedding day should be a celebration of your love story. Pamper your guests with gourmet cuisine, handcrafted cocktails, and impeccable service, leaving a lasting impression on everyone fortunate enough to share in your joyous occasion.

Luxurious Experiences

Recently, some have asked why Viva has ventured into catering. Beyond the business aspect, it stems from our burning passion for the culinary art. We aspire to bring perfection to every meal, elevating it to an emotional journey that transcends mere sustenance. We want to share in the worries and joys of families during their significant milestones.

In the culinary industry, embracing catering involves more than just experience; it requires meticulous planning, resourceful staffing, seamless coordination, and most importantly, understanding our customers’ needs and preferences.
Our dedicated team at Viva stands unobtrusively in the background during events, carefully capturing candid moments to record the genuine satisfaction of our esteemed guests. We continuously strive to enhance the customer experience.
Viva Restaurant is committed to listening to your stories and sharing in your true happiness during the upcoming events. Tell us your heartfelt desires, and let Viva be a part of your journey!